Let us talk you through how pattern floor tiles can really make all the difference in your bathroom, kitchen or hallway.

Bathroom Pattern Floor Tiles

First of, pattern floors tiles are an excellent choice when wanting to add character into your home. Whether your bathroom is a large, open space or a much smaller confined area, you can easily add some personality with pattern floor tiles. Pattern floor tiles are a great way to inject colour or character into one of the most used rooms in your home. 

Pattern floor tiles can also be used to section off areas in a large space or just simply to add flare to your kitchen or bathroom. For example, grey pattern floor tiles can keep your space looking neutral while the beautiful patterns really bring your area to life. 

Our Carmen Pattern Tiles are perfect as a pattern bathroom floor.

Our FS Star Orange tiles will add a rustic look to your home.

Hallway Pattern Floor Tiles

Let’s be honest, your hallway can often be the room we invest in the least. Your entrance hall doesn’t have to be plain or untouched. By adding a pattern floor tile, you can really elevate the hallway space in your home with minimal effort. 

Instagram star @dreamdiy.ie used our Dorset Marron tile throughout her hallway. The tile used is suited perfectly to the Victorian home which is being renovated by Aislinn and her husband. The below photos demonstrate how the pattern floor tile tile create the WOW factor as soon as you enter the home.

What wall tiles match pattern floor tiles?

Getting the right tile combination can seem tricky. But it doesn't have to be. One of our favourite combinations for a pattern floor tile is using metro tiles on the walls. Using a simple wall tile can then really draw attention to the beautiful pattern floor without creating a chaotic look.

These Carmen pattern floor tiles are complimented beautifully be the white Kian Wall Tiles. A dream combination for a crisp, clean and stylish look. 

These Valencia floor tiles have been paired with a simple white metro feature wall tile in the shower area. Pairing the darker floor with a bright wall tile really adds lilght to this room.

Pattern Tile Showcase

Pattern tiles don't have to be loud and in your face. A pattern floor tile can be subtle, elegant and classy. See some examples of pattern floor tiles used in bathrooms which bring character to the room. When paired with plain wall tiles, this can help make sure the space does not become too busy. 

Our Carmen Floor Tiles are available in blue, green or graphite. 

Discover these stunning Devonstone Silver pattern floor tiles.

These Garda Multi bright and bold pattern floor tiles are sure to bring your room to life. 

FS Star tiles are available in blue, orange and black - bring an authenic rustic look to your home.