Fila Nature Wax 1lt

Fila Nature Wax is the ideal finishing coat after the application of a water-based water-proofing sealer. This product is perfect for floor maintenance and matt finish for treatments of terracotta, quarry tiles, tumbled marble and natural stone floors.
It is especially ideal on internal walls made of bricks and natural stones, on decorative coverings made of gypsum, manufactured stone and concrete to prevent flaking and strengthen the surface.

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About this Product

- Provides natural finish
- Highly concentrated: it can be diluted according to requirements
- Can be polished to achieve a satin finish
- Completely removable
- Has a high self-levelling capacity
- Dirt and dust repellent

- Terracotta
- Quarry tiles
- Unpolished stone and agglomerates
- Tuff
- Resin

For the protection of floors and bare walls: Dilute MATT slightly to make it more fluid and easier to apply, by adding 200 ml of water per litre of product. On a clean and dry surface, apply one even coat of MATT using fleece (wall brush).
Wait until completely dry (about an hour) and then apply a second coat in the opposite direction to the first (i.e. horizontal if previously applied vertically or vice-versa). The floor can be walked on after one hour. For a greater sheen, buff with a floor polisher or a wool cloth. If treating terracotta and highly absorbent natural stone (limestone, sandstone, old quarries, rough quartzite), we recommend a base coat of a water-proofing product such as FOB XTREME or W68.
For maintenance: Restoring finish (every 2-3 months): after cleaning the surface with a diluted solution of CLEANER PRO (1:200), apply MATT diluting 500 ml of product in 5 litres of water. The floor can be walked on once it is dry.
Restoring protection (once a year): apply slightly diluted wax (200 ml of water per litre of product) using a fleece pad, cloth or other applicator. The floor can be walked on once it is dry.For Anti-flaking treatment: apply an even coat of undiluted MATT to the dry floor using a paintbrush. The treated surface will be dry after approximately one hour.


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