Fila Longlife 1L

Fila Longlife 1L is a self-polishing wax that protects floors subjected to high traffic. It works by generating a high-gloss and ultra-protective polymer surface film, and so is ideal for protecting polished natural stone floors in public areas. Not just natural stone- it works excellently also with flooring made from rubber, PVC, vinyl, plastic laminates, linoleum and resin, and is perfect for maintaining quartz concrete floors treated with BETON.


Read the full guide on how to use Fila Longlife here.

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About this Product

- No need to polish
- High adhesion capacity
- Easy application
- Can be undiluted or diluted
- Maintenance can be carried out using a single-disc cleaning machine at high speed
- Non-drip finish (ISO 10545-17 Standard, Annex A, B.C.R.A. method)


- Terracotta
- Quarry tiles
- Slate
- Stone and agglomerates
- Rubber and PVC
- Laminate flooring
- Linoleum
- Resin
- Vinyl surfaces


For protecting surfaces: Apply one coat of the product evenly and continuously on a clean and dry floor, using a fleece pad or other applicator. Wait 1 hour. Then apply a second coat at right angles to the first. When dry, the floor will shine without requiring polishing.When treating highly absorbent terracotta and natural stone surfaces, we recommend first applying a base coat of FOB XTREME or W68. Wait 24 hours before applying LONGLIFE.
For maintenance: Restoring sheen (every 2-3 months): after cleaning the surface with a diluted solution of CLEANER PRO (1:200), apply LONGLIFE diluting 500 ml of product in 5 litres of water. The floor can be walked on once it is dry.
To restore the protection (once a year): dewax the surface using PS87 PRO detergent diluted 1:5. Rinse. Apply LONGLIFE undiluted on the dry and clean floor using fleece or other applicator. The floor can be walked on once dry.


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