Programmable Thermostat

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Programmable Thermostat

The Programmable Thermostat features a modern design and intuitive interface. Suitable for all Warmup electric underfloor heating systems, it allows you to program start and end heating times to reach your comfort temperature in a few simple steps. This thermostat can operate on a weekly, 5-2 day or daily basis to match with your needs and requirements.

Better easy-to-use interface & intuitive design

- Stylish and contemporary design
- Clear screen displaying program details, room temperature and current time
- Easy control with dial and sliders

Faster setup takes just minutes to get right the first time

- In just a few steps, adjust the program settings to suit individual’s needs
- A mode for every need: manual, automatic and frost protection
- Comfort temperature can be changed easily at any time
Smarter control of your energy costs

- Adaptive learning function sets off the temperature required at the good time
- No waste of energy, heating only when required
- Perfect control enables saving on energy bills

For further information, read our product data page, or visit the manufacturer's website.

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